Terms and Conditions

"Respect produces respect"

We are proud in working with our present clients, because they are companies that respect and interact in an excellent matter with their suppliers.

Come join this select group, because we know that you want and deserve to use the best corporate housing services available on the market, and because we are sure that we can provide the best services for you.

When you start enjoying one of our executive or top executive apartments, you will soon realize why we are the first choice when it comes to corporate housing in Bucharest: top quality furnishings, immediate response to your every need, flexibility and, the most important aspect: personal attention.


While we struggle to offer the best services to our clients, we are also looking for some “positive response” from their staff and partners, including:

  • civilized behavior towards our staff
  • willingness to take care of the property they live in as if it would be their own
  • transparency in offering the right identity information
  • responsibility in paying in time for the invoices we issue for the services we offer.

All our apartments are suitable for any term of contract you want, starting from the minimum booking period of 2 days. During Cristmas Day and Easter Day cleaning and laundry services are not available.

We also have a Cancellation and Early Departure Prenotice Policy, along with an Extension Prenotice Policy that is used to protect us from overbooking of our properties, as well as keeping the vacancy rate low.

Cancellation & Early Departure Prenotice Policy 
Period of reservation >> Prenotice required 

  • less than 7 nights >>   72 hours
  • between 8 and 21 nights >>  7 days
  • between 22 and 30 nights >> 14 days
  • between 31 and 42 nights >> 21 days
  • more than 43 nights >> 30 days

Extension Prenotice Policy
Period of reservation >> Prenotice required  

  • less than 7 nights >>  24 hours
  • between 8 and 21 nights >>   3 days
  • between 22 and 30 nights >>  5 days
  • between 31 and 42 nights >> 10 days
  • more than 43 nights >>  15 days
Capacity: two individuals are permitted in a one-bedroom, three individuals in a two-bedroom and no more than four individuals are permitted to reside within a three-bedroom apartment home.

Destination of use: Our properties are used for accommodation only; they may not be used for other purposes that do not comply with Romanian Law. We want our clients to respect and maintain the neighbor's right to intimacy and silence.

Property substitution: Corporate Apartments Bucharest reserves the right to substitute the apartment reserved with another property, similar or higher category, at the initial and confirmed rate, in case the property reserved cannot be rented because of internal problems.

No False Reservations !
Our site may only be used to make legitimate reservations or purchases and shall not be used for any other purposes, including without limitation, to make any speculative, false or fraudulent reservation or any reservation in anticipation of demand.  For improving the quality of our services, the telephone conversations with the clients can be recorded and can be used for later analysis !